contact me via email for further pricing detail

If you are interested send me an e-mail at pencilportraitdrawer@gmail.com with reference photographs and your desirable paper size. Make sure the picture is a decent size and detailed (remember I can only draw what I see).

When we agree with the pricing, I will require a 50% deposit. When that is received, I will start your order. Throughout the process I will keep you updated. When the work is done I will send you one last e-mail with the finished drawing. If you are satisfied with the work I will make preparations to send the drawing. At this point the remaining 50% will be paid.

Usually, most drawings take me about a week to complete (depends on size etc.). Please keep in mind that I do receive other orders also so if you would like the work by a certain date, give me ample time to create.

Thank you for checking out my site and considering a commissioned drawing.

I take payment via paypal